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Eureka: death promotes coping essays The film, Eureka, takes its main characters on a journey of how to cope with life. Of particular interest is the improvement and character building of the sister, Kazue. In the opening of the film, the characters are subjected to a violent killing on a bus. After this fatal tragedy, Kazue falls into a trauma that leaves her speechless and in a state of oblivious existence. The bus killing catastrophe strikes early in the movie and serves mainly as a prologue. The rest of the film is about dealing with the trauma and how the characters try to live a Chapter 12: Communication in business - Blogger existence thereafter. It primarily deals with the aftermath, as the driver, Makoto, and the two kids, the bus killing's sole survivors, try to learn to live again. This paper will focus on the character development of the films youngest actor, Kazue. Kazue is a character who slowly learns to redevelop into a Good Term Papers: investment and business oppoetunities in functional human after Master thesis - International Medical College tragedy by attempting to cope with her trauma. One example of dealing with her calamity is her need to build graves for the lost lives in the bus killing. To put a close on their killing, she tries to build NHS Choice Framework - GOV counterfeit yet extremely symbolic graves to represent the acceptance of their deaths. Kazue, being a very young girl, probably has never dealt with the concept of death before. Up to this point she blocks out the visions of first hand death that she experiences on the bus. One of the most powerful ways of understanding and accepting death is to consciously reflect on it. One important and obvious realization that can come to light when thinking about death is that death is inevitable. The time death will come is uncertain, but that it will arrive is irrefutable. Everything and everyone now alive will one day be dead. By building the graves, Kazue finally has an opportunity to reflect upon these facts. It forces her to understand death and accept that people will die whether from natural causes, disasters, or murders .

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