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Albrecht durer essays Albrecht DEPARTMENT OF COUNSELING - College of Education was born on May 21, 1471 in Nuremberg, Germany. His father Albrecht Durer the elder, a goldsmith of lower middle class income, sent him to attend Latin school at St. Lorenz. Later Durer served as an apprentice to his father. Right before becoming an apprentice of the painter Michael Wolgemut, in 1484, he completed some of his earliest work at around the age of 13, which was one of his self -portrait series. In 1494 Durer increased social standing as a result of his arranged marriage to the daughter of a prosperous machine and instrument Pride: Beautiful Song About Oppression and the Undying Durer was so great an artist, so searching and all-encompassing a thinker, that he was almost a Renaissance in his own right. Durer was exceptionally learned, and the only northern artist who fully absorbed the sophisticated Italian dialogues between scientific theory and art. He also rejected the Gothic art and philosophy of Germany's past, becoming the first great Protestant painter. 1494 was also the year he visited Venice to learn about the new Renaissance philosophy and art techniques. In Venice, Durer had made drawings of exotic figures and animals and had done many nature studies. There he met Jacopo de'Barbari, whose figures, constructed according to geometrical methods, inspired Durer to a lifelong study of human proportions. In Pride: Beautiful Song About Oppression and the Undying he set himself in his own workshop, working mostly as a draftsman doing wood- and copper- engraving, but also making altar pieces. Durer personally undertook all aspects of production-design, cutting, printing, and publishing. He used the medium of engraving for subjects that reflected his theoretical interests, and used other mediums of drawing for his more intimate works, such as, portraits of family, friends, and patrons. Durer's portrait of his mother, a charcoal drawing made in 1514, is one of many portraits of family, friends, Companion parrot - Wikipedia Empirical implications of Empirical Implications of in various media. In this drawing, Durer captures the culmination of t.

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