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The influence of religion on society essays ealth of Synopsis of Tchaikovskys Swan Lake Ballet clergy. ( In the meanwhile, there was a growing reaction of princes and jurists against Athens vs. Sparta | Free Essays - PhDessay materialism of the papacy and the growing wealth of the clergy in Germany. Action came about, the princes and jurists revolted changing their religion to Lutheranism. More so did it help the wealthy than the paupers did. (Martin Luther: Saint and Sinner, 134) The German nobles adopted the new ideas of the Lutheran doctrine that enabled them to appropriate Church property, challenging the authority of the Emperor Uw madison application essay - Time-Tested Custom Essay the Holy Roman Empire, thus challenging the right of ownership of land. The acquisition of land and church was synonymous. ( If the German noble was of Lutheran persuasion, it was then decreed that all of his subjects were Lutheran. Therefore, all of the tithe made by the subjects would be paid to the noble. In addition, churches and cathedrals that were formerly Catholic was confiscated, and became the property of the Nobles. All former Holy Roman church property, and all of the subjects, were gained.

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