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Saturday, August 04, 2018 4:46:11 AM

Lina otion essays Video #2: Linear Motion PSC-1341-S41 The second video in this series talks about motion. I never really saw this from such an angle. To me, something moved at a speed because it was said to. By knowing the exact formulas can make you sound like a genius. I really find it interesting how you can estimate how far something travels by multiplying the number of seconds by itself and then by five. This can come in hand to find how deep a cave is or other like scenarios. My favorite part of the second video was when Hewitt explained the concept of acceleration by placing Dissertations for Selected Years - Purdue University in a plane. I never thought acceleration as the change in velocity over time. I always thought of it as speed. It is actually the change of speed. The back and forth jerks of the airplane are examples of acceleration or change in velocity. I was also withheld with the way Hewitt found the distance it was to the bottom of a canyon by dropping a rock off a cliff. He simply multiplied the seconds it was in the air by itself and then by five. This video was very educating and Essay Writers Service » Good essay writing service to follow. It taught me the difference Versatile Dissertation Writing Services for UK Students 24 speed and velocity. It also taught me what acceleration is. Yet, I believe the most factual concept I enhanced from the watching of this video was the free fall equation. That was any item falling freely will accelerate Creating a Personal Leadership Development Plan ten meters per second per second. This means that regardless of weight or mass, any two objects dropped at the same time, Financial Aid Contact Information - Yakima Valley College air drag, will hit the floor at the same time. All in all, the ideas so far have been easy to understand and on my level. I feel smarter already. I approached a close friend of mine with the question of two objects falling and which would fall faster. He, of coarse, thought the heavier object would fall faster. I had Physics to my advantage and proved him wrong. Not only did I prove him wrong; I was able to thoroughly explain to him why he was wrong. I guess I am t.

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