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Discipline or child abuse: the thin line essays Discipline or child The Untravelled World The thin line A mother has told her daughter to stop drawing on the walls; gave her time out, only to find her daughter once again drawing on the walls. Finally, the mother spanks the child. Is this child abuse or discipline? Child Protective Services (CPS) says abuse, the mother says discipline. Spanking is a very controversial issue; I will define discipline and abuse and give examples of when spanking goes from discipline to abuse. Discipline is treatment that corrects or punishes (Webster’s New World Dictionary (1999)). Discipline can range Essay/Term paper: Marbury v. madison - Dream Essays restrictions from activities, time outs to spankings. All of these things correct wrongs and punishes including spanking, fitting the definition of for Warrior-Hearts: Essay on my is a thin line between spanking and abuse. Abuse is to mistreat by inflicting physical harm (Webster’s New World Dictionary (1999).) Many might say spanking fits this category because it is physical, and the sting on the bottom hurts the child to a certain extent; but abuse does not necessarily mean striking a child. Abuse includes the actions of degrading language, striking with unnecessary force, neglect and unwelcome touches to the extent the child does not feel safe. How do you know whether the child feels unsafe or not you might ask? Spanking is not Please help me write my essay – The Friary School because it is not done just for the pure pleasure of inflicting pain. Usually an abuser abuses because they like inflicting pain which makes them feel in control. Spanking is done as discipline, and does not leave the child feeling unsafe. After most kids get a spanking they are upset but they always confined in that parent and go to them for comfort after they have received the spanking. Spanking can lead to abuse if done without reason, repeatedly, forcefully or by an angry parent. Take for example the mother caught on tape at a Wal-Mart beating her child in the parking lot. This beating was abuse because the mother The Principles of Relationship Building with Children angrily hitti.

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