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Compartive essay essays Comparative Essay Not long enough ago, married unhappily couples could not divorce because of bad public opinion such as strict social groups and getting divorce was not meant to be proper for them as in early 20th century. Death was the ultimate way to become free from their unhappy life and start their fresh life once again. Both of these stories, “The story UNIVERSITY OF KENT an hour” by Kate Chopin and “Free” by Theodre Driser share unhappy couples and waiting desperately for their spouse’s North Yorkshire Humanists in order for Mr. Haymaker and Mrs. Mallard to become free from their marriage. In the story “Free” Mr. Haymaker is extremely weak, confused, shallow hearted man. In the character of story, “The story of an hour” Mrs. Mallard UNIVERSITY OF KENT strong woman who accepted the reality of freedom from his spouse’s death. During his lifetime since he married to Mrs. Haymaker, he seems a shallow hearted, weak and confused person because of his negative feelings are dominant toward his wife throughout the story. He had no social life during his lifetime. Mr. Haymaker had UNIVERSITY OF KENT friends except one. He wanted his life to be as sweet as his dreams. But his dreams were based upon the women, he imagined his wife at the age of fifteen. He wanted her to be same during the whole life. The nature has given a woman the challenging role of a mate, wife and mother. Mrs. Haymaker’s performance was good as a mother. She raised her children very formal manner. Mr. Haymaker’s case was very pathetic because it was never his physical so much as his spiritual but his manner toward her was always soft, kindly, and apparently tender. He never talked about his imaginations regarding, the way of life he wanted. He could not decide to get a divorce from her. Sometimes he picks up her positive role as a mother of his child! ren. On the other hand he compared the memory of his work that his love life had been failure. At the times s.

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