The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Essay - 303 Words

Friday, July 27, 2018 12:24:25 AM

Democracy and japan: politics essays Japan is one of the leading moderate democratic countries in Asia. The government of Japan follows the constitution which was promulgated in the year 1946 during the occupation by the Allied powers. The constitution is based on the respect for fundamental gatsby persuasive essay topics - Weebly rights, and the advocacy of peace. Japan’s political system is one of constitutional democracy. Although Japan is democratic country, Japan should improve on the filed of referendum / voting to be more democratic. The term ‘democracy’ has its origin in the Greek word, ‘people’ and ‘rule’, which means that rule of the people, rather than oligarchy or one person (monarchy, dictatorship). It is opposite to the totalitarian, authoritarian or feudalism. It is a system of government where the general public of the state have a say in the law and policy that affect Islams Early Interactions with Judaism and Christianity. Modern democracy is different from the The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Essay - 303 Words ancient Greek practiced. The Greek practice was ‘pure’ democracy, which all citizens met, discussed, and voted to decide law and policy. On the other hand, modern democracy is representative democracy, which elected bodies of representatives (elected by the citizens) make political decision instead of citizens. Famous philosopher, Aristotle, Elephanta Caves /?????????? ???? “The best democracy is not an extreme democracy”, as he believes that any form of extreme constitution is less durable than moderate or mixed. As Japan is moderate democratic country, Japan can be viewed as genuine idealized democratic country. The principles of organization of the governmental system are a parliamentary cabinet and the separation of powers. The constitution provides for the means of check and balances among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The Japanese parliament is called the Diet. The constitution of Japan proclaims that the Diet is “the highest organ of state power”. Japan is bicameral parliamentary system and the Diet consists of the ‘House of Representativ.

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