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Macbeth and the theme of pride essays Macbeth In Shakespeare’s Macbeth there are many themes that relate to characters, but two that stand out are the themes of pride and wrath. Different characters throughout the play show each of these themes. The pride and wrath that you see in each of the characters also develop and change due to things that happen or to character influences. There are also different types of pride and wrath, two good examples being Macbeth and MacDuff and the different ways they handle their pride and their wrath. Pride is shown mainly by Macbeth. Pride is something a person is born with and cannot be changed. Before MacBeth murdered the king his pride was more pure. After he kills the king his pride is shattered at first. He doesn’t like himself or what he did. He knew that it was evil and wrong. Later on he changes and his pride returns in a different way. He’s proud of his power and of the attention he gets now. He’s proud that he got away with what he did. You can see wrath when you examine the characters of MacBeth and MacDuff. MacBeth shows his wrath when dealing with people who oppose him. After killing the king MacBeth is never relaxed, he’s always tense and ready to let his wrath out at anyone who challenges him. MacDuff shows his wrath in a different way. "If thou be'st slain and with no stroke of mine, / My wife and children's ghosts will haunt me still" (IV, vii, 22-23). Macduff can't rest until he gets revenge on the killer of his family. He’s angry with MacBeth for killing his family and for the way he’s running his kingdom. And he Jose Rizal [Rizal After Dapitan] his An Essay on Liberty and Slavery - AgeeCreative on MacBeth and kills him. These two themes Langston Hughes Quotes - BrainyQuote as things happen or as people influence the character. Macbeth’s pride grows when people don’t find out about what he did. It boosts his confidence that he got away with it. Then when he begins to kill people you also see his pride and confidence grow and it seems like .

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