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Interpersonal goals essays his opinion of me as a future business colleague. "The goal of a self-promoter is to be seen as competent" (Canary, Cody & Manusov, p.121). The interviewing goal is an evolving and continuing one, as for its status in my life I believe that at this point in my life I feel that I have accomplished it due to the fact that I have fulfilled the purpose of the goal, to be employed. In general goals are transactional and some goals may change based on interaction, but as for this goal it will most definitely remain constant throughout my lifetime; I will always want an interviewer to think of Psychology – Nature and Nurture | AQA B Psychology as a favorable candidate. The second self-presentational goal I depicted manifested itself in friendships or relationships. In personal relationships the image that is desired depends Thesis Stress And Academic Performance Free Essays the type of relationship begin pursued. From the perspective of a male, in an intimate relationship I attempt to portray to the female my protected vulnerable side for the sake of being perceived as open. The way that I show this side of me varies; I employ several relational strategies such as openness and positivity. "Openness reflects t.

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