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Dental Hygiene Essays (Examples) They found that 99% of licensed hygienists reported having experienced pain or discomfort while treating patients! The hygienists reported pain in the neck and shoulder region, hands, fingers, and lower back. Nelson & Jevack (2001) concluded, "Due to the number of students and licensed dental hygienists who experience pain. proper ergonomics should be enforced in dental hygiene education for future physical wellness and career longevity among dental hygienists" (p. 119). The researchers (Nelson & Jevack, 2001) suggest -- as others have -- that instruments be redesigned, but also, the working environment needs to be improved for "better adjustments on patient chairs such as adequate height and tilt adjustments, operator stools with support What Are the Steps to Writing a Concept Essay? | Pen and arms, adequate work breaks, proper lighting angles, space for legs under the patient chair, early medical intervention for symptoms, and angled instruments to reduce wrist flexion" (p. 119). Michalak-Turcotte (2000) recommends that an ergonomic plan Seminar on “Foreign Policy of Pakistan: Challenges and developed for…… [Read More] Liskiewicz, T. And Kerschbaum, W.E. (1997). Cumulative trauma disorders: An ergonomic approach for prevention. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 71 (4), 162-168. Michalak-Turcotte, C. (2000). Controlling dental hygiene work-related musculoskeletal disorders: The ergonomic process. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 74 (1), 41-58. Nelson, J.O. And Jevack, J.E. (2001). Experiencing pain due to incorrect body positioning. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 75 (1), 90-129. Retrieved 15 February 2007 from Expanded Academic ASAP database. Syme, S.E., Fried, J.L. And Strassier, H.E. (1997). Enhanced visualization using magnification systems. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 71 (5), 202-207. Another caution that exists for people suffering from lupus is to exercise caution before and after receiving dental treatment. Lupus patients could develop serious heart infections from the streptococci that might be released into their bloodstream during routine dental procedures, even bi-annual teeth cleanings (Blau and Schultz, 174). The infection can travel to the heart when the patient has certain other manifestations of lupus, and, if the patient has developed a condition called verrucous endocarditis, then it can be deadly if the streptococci infect the heart (Blau and Schultz, 174). Therefore it is strongly recommended that prior to and following dental procedures and cleanings that lupus patients receive antiobiotics that can help them to be prepared to defend their body against the streptococci (Blau and Schultz, 174-175). The antibiotic -- usually amoxicillin, or another member of the penicillin family, or erythromycin in cases of penicillin allergy -- is taken an…… [Read More] Blau, Sheldon Paul, and Dodi Schultz. Living with Lupus: All the Knowledge You Need to Help Yourself. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books, 1993. Questia. 21 Nov. 2008 De Rossi, Scott Pictures. DMD, and Glick, Michael, DMD. Lupus Erythematosus: Considerations for Dentistry. Journal American Dental Association, vol 129, March, 1998, 330-339. 16). Some of the options available to patients are (p. 16): What it Is Colgate Total. Over-the-counter tooth- triclosan and fluoride paste containing the anti- toothpaste bacterial triclosan. Prescription mouth rinse chlorhexidine mouth containing'an anti-micro- rinse bial called chlorhexidine. Periochip tiny piece of gelatin filled with chlorhexidine. Atridox gel that contains the anti- biotic doxycycline. Thread-like fiber that con- tains the antibiotic tetracy- cline. Tiny round particles that contain the antibiotic minocycline. Periostat low dose of the medica- tion doxycycline that keeps destructive enzymes in check. The antibacterial ingredient triclosan and fluoride reduces plaque and result- toothpaste ing gingivitis. The fluoride protects against cavities. To control bacteria, result- chlorhexidine mouth ing in less plaque and gin- rinse givitis. To control bacteria and re- duce the size of periodon- tal pockets. To control bacteria and…… [Read More] Adams, T.L. (2003). Professionalization, Gender and Female-Dominated Professions: Dental Hygiene in Ontario. The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 40(3), 267+. Retrieved November 30, 2007, from Questia database: Being a Dental Hygienist Means You Can Clean Up. (2006, February 16). Daily Post (Liverpool, England), p. 25. Retrieved November 30, 2007, from Questia database: Chojnacki, C. (2006, December 31). Smiles All around Women Clean Up in National Contest for Hygenist of the Year. Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL), p. 1. Retrieved November 30, 2007, from Questia database: Kaldenberg, D.O. (1995). Total Quality Management Practices and Business Outcomes: Evidence from Dental Practices. Journal of Small Business Management, 33(1), 21+. Retrieved November 30, 2007, from Questia database: communicates trends affect industry (career path've chosen-Dental Hygiene) ten years. Make create a complete, relevant, effective attention getter; include complete transitions main points; wrap a memorable conclusion. Current trends National Information System on Water Quantity, Quality the dental industry. Although many occupations are being outsourced, you can't outsource your dental care! With the aging of the population and increased demand for physical 'perfection,' the demands placed upon the dental industry and career opportunities are likely to increase. Demand for dental profession: Demographic trends. It has been estimated that "roughly 60 to 70% of the adult American population seeks routine dental care -- a rate that is believed to be holding stable," indicating that there will be a sustained need for the profession in recent years (Lavers 2013). B. Demand will increase because of population growth in populations with high levels of need: "Based upon census data, the number of people ages 60 to 79 is projected…… [Read More] Dental hygienist. (2013). U.S. News and World Report. Retrieved from: Goff, J. (2012). Looking ahead: Industry insiders forecast future trends. Dental Products Report. Project Management, Sustainability and Whole Lifecycle Thinking. Explaining Dental Biofilm to a Client. While showing Pamela the pink/purple disclosing stain on her teeth, she comments "oh-that is from my lunch earlier today. I did not have time to brush before the appointment." espond to her comment by explaining what the disclosing solution showed. Lark, while I understand your concerns about the results of your recent dental biofilm examination, I would like to take some time to Which would be the best thesis for a compare-and-contrast the diagnosis in more detail to help alleviate those concerns. First, it is important to remember that dental biofilm is not a disease, nor does it result from poor dental habits on your part, as these naturally occurring collections of bacterial communities are simply microorganisms functioning as nature intended. You have probably heard of plaque, while that oral health issue is widely known, and the data obtained from empirical studies during the last…… [Read More] Che'rel F, Mobilia A, Lundgren T, Stephens J, Kiger R, Riggs M, Egelberg J. Rate of reformation of tongue coatings in young adults International Journal of Dental Hygiene 2008 January;(6):371 -- 375. Collins FM. Biofilm formation, identification and removal. Pacific Endodontic. Research Foundation 2006 March;3(1)1-7. Hiyari S, Bennet, KM. Dental diagnostics: Molecular analysis of oral biofilms. The Journal of Dental Hygiene 2011 Fall;85(4):256-63. Oral Hygiene Practices -- Pregnant omen. This paper delves into the research that has been conducted on pregnant women with regard to their use of proper oral hygiene practices. The paper is based on the research and findings from an article in the Journal of the American Dental Association (Boggess, et al., 2010). Oral Hygiene Practices -- Dental Service Utilization -- Pregnant omen. There is ample available literature to justify Boggess' assertion that poor oral practices can lead to loss of teeth, gingivitis, periodontal infection and dental caries. And as Boggess writes on page 553, those oral diseases are found in disproportionate numbers in communities that are in the low-income category, and in communities where ethnic minorities reside. But also, these dental issues are found among pregnant women, in particular among "racial or ethnic minorities and those of low socioeconomic status," Boggess continues (553). The question addressed -- why do…… [Read More] Boggess, Kim A., Urlaub, Diana M., Massey, Katie E., Moos, Merry-K, Matheson, Matthew B., and Lorenz, Carol. (2010). Oral hygiene practices and dental service utilization among pregnant women. Journal of the American Dental Association, Vol. 141, 553-561. Oral Hygiene Educational Assessment Tools. Assessing educational outcomes and thus the efficacy of certain specific educational efforts and methodologies is an important part of any educational program regardless of the specific educational area or setting. Choosing the appropriate methods for such assessment, however, is highly dependent on specific aspects and parameters of the education being assessed, and thus should incorporate evidence of successful assessment practices previously identified in specific fields and settings while at the same time determining new methods for assessment in line with identified trends and principles. This paper will briefly identify certain assessment methods and tools appropriate in the field of oral hygiene education, also including specific known problems and barriers to education in this area. Direct longitudinal research-based assessment is one method of educational assessment that has been employed in this knowledge area with a great deal of useful knowledge regarding the successes and…… [Read More] Epstein, R. (2007). Assessment in medical education. New England Journal of Medicine 356(4): 387-96. Kay, E. & Locker, D. (1996). Is dental health education effective? A systematic review of current evidence. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology 24(4): 231-35. Matear, D. (1999). Demonstrating the need for oral health education in geriatric institutions. Probe 33(2): 66-71. Washing Procedures in a Dental Office. One of the challenges of teaching a lesson plan founded upon "Standard D2.1: Know how to evaluate potential causes and methods of transmitting infections and how to apply standard precautionary guidelines" according to CTE Standards: California Career and Technical Education Standards (232) is that the lesson plan must simultaneously be informative yet also teach critical skills to students. It must balance the need to convey practical information but not solely consist of lectures: a purely academic understanding of the topic will not necessarily affect student behaviors in the field. To impress upon students the importance of proper hygiene, I would first give an overview of healthcare-related infections to students. I would show photographs of what infections look like, both on the human body and also in microbial form. This would be a profound visual stimulus to students about the consequences that infections can render.…… [Read More] DePaola, L. (2012). "Infection control in the dental office." Retrieved from: Hand-washing procedure. (2013). Lesson Plan. Standard D2.1. (2013). CTE Standards: California Career and Technical Education Standards. Retrieved from: Quality Development in Advanced Practice field knowledge in nursing: Proposal on Enhancing the dental health of children suffering Congenital Heart Disease. One of the most prevalent development abnormalities found in children is heart disease, and it occurs in about 8-10 in every 1, 000 births. Dental supervision of children with congenital heart problems calls for special care, due to their increased susceptibility to contagious endocarditis, which is associated with bacteremia caused by persistent dental processes. Additionally, these patients always have developmental enamel abnormalities that raises caries risk, and always have deprived oral health. This latter condition may be said to be due to cardiac health problems, whose care and attention may lead to the under-estimation of oral health and inadequate consideration. Additionally, continual administration of liquid drugs containing sucrose as sweetener may cause caries and gingivitis cases in children (Andersson et al. 2013a). Dental ailment may cause dental extractions in…… [Read More] Andersson, A-C., Elg, M., Perseius, K-I. & Idvall, E. (2013a) Evaluating a questionnaire to measure improvements initiatives in Swedish healthcare. BMC Health Services Research, 13(48) Andersson, A-C., Idvall, E., Perseius, K-I. & Elg, M. (2013b) Sustainable Outcomes of an Improvement Program: Do Financial Incentives Matter? Total Quality Management & Business Excellence. Balmer, R., Booras, G. & Parsons, J. (2010). The oral health of children considered very high risk for infective endocarditis. Int J Paediatr Dent. 20(3):173-8. Frankl, S.N., Shiere, F.R., Fogels, H.R. (1962). Should the parent remain with the child in the dental operatory? J Dent Child.29:150-163. Fluoridation: A Public Health Debate. Fluoridation (the adding of fluoride to water) has been a hotly debated health issue for over half a century. Some advocate fluoridation by citing the many oral benefits available through the process, heralding the betterment of public hygiene that has been achieved from the procedure's inception. Detractors, on the other hand, point out the possible side effects from the abuse of fluoridation, the health problems being experienced around the globe by countries with fluoridated water, and the indelible rights of man. Because the decision to fluoridate drinking water or not affects so many of the worlds population it is definitely a worthy topic to sink ones teeth into. The concept of fluoridation began in the early 20th century by a Colorado Springs, Colorado dentist named Frederick McKay. Upon moving to the area from the East Coast, McKay noticed that several of his patients "exhibited strange…… [Read More] -- retrieved February 18, 2002. -- retrieved February 18, 2002. -- retrieved February 18, 2002. Assessment of risk factors for oral cancer and patient education activities; and 6. Interest in Creativity and Innovation | Organizational Change | Essay training. I selected this article because of the importance of the topic. All too often, the roles and responsibilities of dental hygienists are considered primarily superficial. Meanwhile, dental hygienists are in position to contribute tremendously to patient health and welfare to the extent they perform oral cancer screenings routinely. According to the research findings, adherence to such diagnostic practices is sporadic at best and substantially dependent on time constraints, the focus and instructions of employing dentists, awareness of need and importance of the issue, and lack of adequate awareness training in hygienists' educational programs. The results also indicated that many experienced dental hygienists are among the least likely to focus on oral cancer screening simply because the topic was not regularly covered in dental hygienist training programs until relatively recently. Others expressed frustration…… [Read More] Statue and ules and egulations Concerning Dental Hygienists and Dentist in Hawaii and Florida. American Dental Hygienist's Association is the largest governing body for maintaining the dental hygiene and care. The members of ADHA body get pleasure from professional support, educational programs and other variety of opportunities for them to participate and strengthen their decision making process and professional expertise. Government affairs division of ADHA works in close association with state constituent to support issues that are important for the dental care of public and dental hygiene profession. This covers licensing, scope of practice, patient access to care, water fluoridation and other dental care services. The dental hygienists interest is promoted through the governmental affairs division through federal and state policy efforts. The legalization of the ADHA affairs sustain close collaboration with other institutions where public or private to institutionalize the oral health policy document and improve the quality of…… [Read More] ADHA's corporate website, (2011) User Guide to ADHA's Government Affair Division, Retrieved on 28th Sept 2011 through: Chapter 448 hrs dentistry, Retrieved on 28th Sept 2011 through: The research thus concludes the essence of having quality and effective legislation addressing the aspects of overall oral health of the people. Additionally, the Canadian Dental Association also relates several issues of the overall body health to the oral health of the individual. In view of the article on the relation "oral health -- good life," the article gives information on the essence of good oral health, indicating some of the illnesses of ill oral health (Chattopadhyay, 2011). In this article, the relation between the ill oral health and the overall health of the body is that the mouth is the ingress to the body. Therefore, an individual with ill oral health is at the highest risk of having infection that affects the whole body system severely. According to this article, it emphasizes the need for dentists-patient relation as the dentists is the only person with the skill, expertise and…… [Read More] Chattopadhyay, a. (2011). Oral health epidemiology: Principles and practice. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Ramseier, C.A., & Suvan, J.E. (2010). Health behavior change in the dental practice. Ames, Children and young adults often have a much harder time adhering to dental hygiene routines that prevent decay and the progression of caries. Often times, they fail to understand the importance of the routines and the damage that could be caused. In order to strengthen primary prevention strategies, many local municipalities have begun adding fluoride to water sources. This is a great way to augment other prevention strategies because it requires no extra effort on behalf of those benefiting from its treatment. This current research aims to explore whether or not this secondary strategy has been successful in reducing rates of untreated caries in children and young adults, ages 6 to 19. The research used regression, z-Test, and t-Test analysis in order to test the hypothesis that adding fluoride to water does Judicial Precedent and Why 2016 Could See prevent caries. All three tests suggested that this is true and that ultimately; adding Brother helps sister with algebra homework via FaceTime [Read More] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2012). Water fluoridation data & statistics. Community Water Fluoridation. Web. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2010). Untreated dental caries (cavities) in children ages 2-19, United States. CDC Feature. Web. Rozier, R. Gary. (2008). Effectiveness of methods used by dental professionals for the primary prevention of dental caries: A review of the evidence. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. Web. /NR/rdonlyres/F458755E-8FF8-438C-8758-9A22D687A329/0/Gary_Rozier.pdf. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2010). Health, United States, 2009: With Special Feature on Medical Technology. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics. Web. Seniors have specific oral health needs. Meeting those needs requires an increase in personal hygiene, an improvement in lifestyle habits, and an increase in oral health service use. When these core needs are met, the specific oral health issues that affect seniors can be minimized, leading to improved health outcomes. Increasing personal hygiene requires shifts in attitudes toward oral health care, access to information, and access to affordable oral health care tools that are designed specifically for seniors. Lifestyle habits have a tremendous impact on oral health. Diet, smoking status, and drug and alcohol use are all factors that impact oral health. Accessing oral health services is difficult for many seniors. Some may live in rural areas where accessing oral health is physically difficult. Others may not be covered. In fact, most seniors do not Why is it that main character is important - Answers insurance coverage for oral health care. Not being able to afford oral…… [Read More] "7 Oral Health Concerns Most Common in Seniors," (2014). Retrieved online: Lamster, I.B. (2004). Oral health care services for older adults: A looming crisis. American Journal of Public Health 94(5), 699-702. Retrieved online: "Oral Care," (n.d.). WebMD. Retrieved online: "Toothbrush Adaptations," (2011). U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Retrieved online: Healthcare is amongst the most delicate and subjective services delivered to the social order. Nevertheless, in order to render this care, and for there to be constant improvement, personnel have to obtain accessibility to delicate patient data and information. More so, in order to attain fitting care, the patients in turn have to provide their consent (American College of Healthcare Executives, 2012). Taking this into account, the quality improvement in health care does not overrule the rights of the patients who did wish to be part of the research. This can be perceived from the literature of different peer-reviewed articles on ethical treatment of subjects in clinical research. According to Scollon et al. (2015), the improvement of quality in the practices of patient care laid emphasis on the professionally accountable minimization of disparity in the patient care practices. However, they vouch for a preventive ethics method, which utilizes the informed…… [Read More] American College of Healthcare Executives. (2012). Health Information Confidentiality. Retrieved 12 January, 2016 from: Gawande, A. (2007, December 30). A lifesaving checklist. New York Times. Retrieved 12 January, 2016 from: Kass, N. E., Faden, R. R., Goodman, S. N., Pronovost, P., Tunis, S., & Beauchamp, T. L. (2013). The Research-Treatment Distinction: A Problematic Approach for Determining Which Activities Should Have Ethical Oversight. Hastings Center Report, 43S4-S15. doi:10.1002/hast.133. Lambert, D. L. (2008). Practicing Dental Hygienists' Attitudes toward the Proposed Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner: A Pilot Study. University of Carolina. In the area of dental hygiene, appeals to emotions are not difficult to find. Humans like their mouths to be clean, and a brief overview of the reasons that good dental hygiene is a practical asset -- creating more attractive teeth and generally a mouth more conducive to maraichinage -- is an excellent start to emphasizing the importance of dental hygiene. Cause and Effect Connectives Worksheet - Twinkl follow-up that summons the disgust reflex is equally simply, thanks to subjects such as plaque and bacterial buildup. A directed emphasis on the idea of living organisms inhabiting the oral cavity is sure to be particularly effective on female students, although such techniques are vulnerable to logical attack (since certain organisms inhabit the human body that are beneficial or even necessary, such as certain bacteria that live in the intestines and aid digestion, or even mitochondria to a certain degree). An example of a simulation would be one…… [Read More] Morgan, Robert E. "Educational Simulations." Creative Teaching Web Site. 2002. 12 Nov. 2006 . Gingivitis is a mild form of periodontal disease. It causes irritation, redness, and inflammation of the gums and can be so mild that individuals may not even be aware they have it (Mayo Clinic staff, 2011). Many people have it to a varying degree because it often develops SUNY at Albany, New York USA | College and University Search puberty or early adulthood due to hormonal changes (osenberg, 2010). It is important to take gingivitis seriously, however, because, left untreated, it can lead to periodontitis, a more severe form of gum disease. Eventually, tooth loss can result. Gingivitis is commonly caused by poor oral hygiene, but can result from a number of other conditions, including diabetes, depressed immune system (for example, as a result of HIV / AIDS or leukemia), certain viral and fungal infections, and hormonal changes such as those related to puberty, as already mentioned, or with pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives. Gingivitis can also result…… [Read More] Mayo Clinic staff. (2011, Nov 18). Mayoclinic. Retrieved from Rosenberg, D. (2010, 22 2). Gingivitis. Retrieved from transfer to 'Dhobiwalla? What's that?" I asked. "Oh!" he said, laughing heartily as he leaned back comfortably in his seat, scotch in hand. "They're the laundry service in India!" Mr. Patel was one of the many corporate clients with whom I worked on several occasions, spending hours at a time confined to the flight cabin while crossing trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic paths. The conversations that come up while we are miles in the air range from what our favorite fruits are to movies, to -- as I learned that day -- how we best like to do our laundry. Mr. Patel also told me the names of fruits and vegetables that I could barely pronounce at first but once I tried them in Bombay I have never been able to stop my cravings. One of the most enriching aspects of my career as a flight attendant has been my encounters and…… [Read More] Jill Watson is an employee of Telecommunication Company and has been working for the company for approximately 7 years. Within the past few years, Jill has organized numerous health-fairs as well as countless health help sessions. She also regularly posted information on the company central bulletin boards about health and well-being. Moreover, she assists in providing screening program for many sick people. The goal of her health promotion is to enhance positive lifestyles and behavioral changes for people. Despite her promotional effort, many people still engage in smoking habits, do not engage in physical exercise, and are still overweight. While health promotion may be essential, however, providing health information is not sufficient to facilitate positive lifestyle or behavioral changes. The objective of this study is to use the self-determination theory to assist Jill to understand the strategy to facilitate positive behavioral or lifestyles changes among her clients.…… [Read More] Deci, E.L. & Ryan, R.M. (2013). Handbook of Theories of Social Psychology: Volume 1 Self-Determination Theory. SAGE Publications Ltd. Ng, J.Y.Y., Ntoumanis, N., Thogersen-Ntoumani, C. (2012). Self-determination theory applied to health contexts: A meta-analysis. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 7, 325-340. Niemiec, C.P., & Ryan, R.M. (2009). Autonomy, competence, and relatedness in the classroom: Applying self-determination theory to educational practice. Theory and Research in Education, 7, 133-144. Patrick, H. & Williams, G.C. (2012). Self-determination theory: its application to health behavior and complementarity with motivational interviewing. Int J. Behav Nutr Phys Act. 9: 18. My inspiration for defining a productive life has always been greatly influenced by Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi and I came to the realization that I could contribute more to the betterment of my society and to the welfare of a larger number of people by directing my energies toward a career in administrative health care than I could ever possibly achieve by practicing clinical medicine. As clinicians, even the most successful of us can only affect a relatively small number of individuals in our careers. However, as health care administrators and public advocates and educators, we can actually help transform our societies from communities where only a relatively small number of people have access to modern health care services into communities in which adequate health care services and access to basic preventative medicine become widespread and more evenly distributed throughout the human community. Therefore, I hope to pursue a…… [Read More] Fashion: a Reflection of Society's Attitudes. Fashion is not just art, it is a measure of social attitudes for a particular period in history. Today, a woman cyclist will most likely be wearing spandex and skin-tight bicycle shorts. Her male counterpart will be wearing the same. hat is acceptable now would have been scandalous in our mother's time. This paper will illustrate through example that fashion is a reflection of societal attitudes. A British perspective shed some light on the idea of moral decency and on ideas about woman's dress in the beginning of the nineteenth century. Richard Gooch in Bad Fashion and Poor Dental Hygiene of American omen., New York, 1834 said the following. "Perhaps one reason for American ladies wearing such short garments is that they are generally admired for small and pretty feet. Nevertheless, it is impossible for an English eye not to be shocked at the…… [Read More] Fields, Jill. Fighting the Corsetless Evil: Shaping Corsets and Culture, 1900-1930. Journal of Social History. Winter 1999. Complete reprint accessed February 2002. Found on Richard Gooch. Bad Fashion and Poor Dental Hygiene of American Women. New York City. 1834. Reprinted in its entirety at Women in America 1920-1842. Accessed February, It uses a great deal of AP Essay: Aretha Franklin, John McCain and the 1960s | The and cutting-edge technology, and none of this is cheap. hile DR can do a great deal for a hospital radiology department, that department also must have the funds available to support what needs to be purchased and accomplished where DR is concerned if the department chooses to use this technology. Image quality, other than cost, is quite probably the largest issue that is faced by those that wish to use this new technology. Therefore, it is important to discuss and compare the differences between the image quality of CR and the image quality of DR, so that more can be understood regarding the differences between them. One study looked at the plate readers that are used for CR images, and found that there were enough statistically significant differences between different plate readers as to indicate that there may be problems with…… [Read More] Cesar, LJ. 1997. Computed radiography: its impact on radiographers. Radiologic Technology. Daniels, C. 1998. The benefits of digital radiography. Radiologic Technology. Demonstrated Clinical Benefits and Competitive Prices to Drive Digital Radiography Market. 2004. BusinessWire. FUJIFILM Computed Radiography for Mammography Progresses From Market Entrant to Market Leadership Worldwide. 2002. PR Newswire. Social Performance, Part 2 This a continuation assignment. Imagine company ethics program effective program. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines Organizations encourages firm set ethics programs. Company: Pinnacle Professional College. Pinnacle Professional College is a for-profit institution that offers technologically-related continuing education courses, professional certification, and degrees primarily in technical fields such as dental hygiene, diagnostic sonography, and radiology. For-profit institutions have come under increasing scrutiny by the federal government for taking student's money, causing them to go into debt, and giving them with degrees of little value. To set the school apart from such unethical institutions, Pinnacle must show that that students move on to gainful employment that they would not otherwise have been able to obtain without attending Pinnacle. Pinnacle also has an ethical responsibility to ensure that students to not accrue more debt than they can conceivably pay off in a reasonable period of time. According to one NYU…… [Read More] Auburn University Student Loan Code of Conduct. (2012). Auburn University. Retrieved: Briody, Blaire. (2012)11 surprising student loan facts. MSN Money. Retrieved: 4. Specialty toothpastes created for customers with sensitive teeth, gums or other medical conditions, with customer experience being the most critical. 5. Lifecycle approach similar to Crest yet focused on the consumer's purchasing lifecycle. Based on this analysis, my top five criterion are as follows: 1. High performance toothpaste capable of delivering preventative protection and has a fresh taste. 2. High performance cavity prevention. 3. Making dialing brushing less of a chore and more fun and enjoyable. 4. Available in a wide variety of flavors. 5. High performance, rapid whitening toothpastes that bring quick results to teeth and Pictures on these criterion, I have become a loyal Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Whitening + Scope -- Citrus. This toothpaste fits my profile of benefits precisely and has led to my becoming brand-loyal to this specific product based on the benefits it delivers. 2. Select another oral care (e.g., toothbrush) product where…… [Read More] Greenberg, M., & McDonald, S.S. (1989). Successful Needs/Benefits segmentation: A user's guide. The Journal of Consumer Marketing, 6(3), 29-29. Miskell, P. (2004). Cavity protection or cosmetic perfection? innovation and marketing of toothpaste brands in the United States and western Europe, 1955-1985. Business History Review, 78(1), 29-60. Constituents of Complex Environments in Health/Social Care. USA's National Academies have, for numerous years, been conducting systemic researches into the nation's healthcare cost and quality (Building a Better Delivery System, 2005). Plainly, considerable improvements are required in healthcare delivery. Many assert that these may be attained through competition of a value-based nature among healthcare delivery organizations. One must, of course, remember that the American system of healthcare didn't achieve its present state overnight. The nation's National Academies as well as other parties have conducted several studies and arrived at the conclusion that a key issue facing the U.S. healthcare delivery system is: it isn't a system, in truth (ouse, 2008). This paper will address two issues: 1) how conventional systems differ from CAS (complex adaptive systems) (e.g. healthcare); and 2) the differences' implications on health delivery system planning and management. The U.S. healthcare system would be faced with…… [Read More] (2005). Building a Better Delivery System. Available: Last accessed 12 Feb 2016. Chichester SR, Mann GB, Wilder RS, Neal E. (2002). Incorporation of evidence-based principles in baccalaureate and nonbaccaluareate degree dental hygiene programs. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 76(1), 60-66. Dayaratna. (2013). Competitive Markets in Health Care: The Next Revolution. Available: Last accessed 12 Feb 2016. Devol, Bedroussian, Charuworn, Chatterjee, Kyu Kim, Kim, and Indigenismo and Indian Movements in Twentieth-Century. (2007). An Unhealthy America: The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease -- Charting a New Course to Save Lives and Increase Productivity and Economic Growth. Available: Last accessed 12 Feb 2016. He will probably start purchasing his own toothbrush and will be included in one of the three behavioral Breastfeeding | Nutrition | UNICEF I have previously discussed. After the age of 55, people seem to lose interest in tooth brushing and are likely to practice it less than earlier. The most important issue that that managers should consider when deciding on product positioning is the category of consumer they choose to address. In this sense, clear segmentation schemes should be provided, included by income, age, social position, etc. These external environment factors will provide the basis from which the product can be developed, including here features that make up the augmented product and the expected product. Knowing the consumer you target is essential in making and delivering a products that will provide full customer satisfaction and will permit customer retention. On the other hand, the manager needs to perform an internal analysis and decide,…… [Read More] 1. Laidler, Nathalie. November 1993. Colgate-Palmolive Company: The Precision Toothbrush. Harvard Business School. 2. Levitt, Theodore. 2000. Marketing success through differentiation - of anything. 3. Seybold, Patricia. May 2001. Get Inside the Lives of Your Customers. Harvard Business Review. Vol. 79, Issue 5. Laidler, Nathalie. November 1993. Colgate-Palmolive Company: The Precision Toothbrush. Harvard Business School. Obesity, Prevention and Control in Teens. Obesity refers to accumulation of harmful body fat levels, with excessive loose connective adipose tissues New College of Florida - YouTube to lean body mass (Donatelle, 2002). One of the causes of obesity is high calorie consumption and the individual's inability to burn up the consumed calories. Obesity is said to be the outcome of imbalance of food consumed with energy expended (Venes, 2005). However, there are also considerable studies demonstrating genetic and metabolic deficiencies DEATH PENALTY.pdf | Capital Punishment | Human Rights disorders in cases of obesity; these include an inactive mechanism by which the body signals 'satiety', as well as deficiency of important proteins that turn off 'hunger'. Obesity is presently the second reason for preventable deaths in the U.S., after tobacco consumption (Flegal, Carroll, Orden, & Johnson, 2000). Moreover, obesity is Common Assessment Rubric - vonsteuben to be the leading cause for preventable deaths on a worldwide scale. In accordance with a study conducted by the World…… [Read More] Beyea, C.S., & Slattery, J.M. (2006). Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing: A Guide to Successful Implementation. Marblehead: HcPro, Inc. Bray, G. (2003). Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome. In Third (Ed.), Handbooks in Health Care (Third Edition ed.). Newtown, Pennsylvania. Donatelle, R. (2002). Health: the Basics (6th ed.). (6th, Ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Pearson Education. Flegal, K., Carroll, M., Orden, C., & Johnson, C. (2000). Prevalence and Trends among U.S. Adults. JAMA, 288(1723-7). Using a random sampling helps to insure that there will be a randomly equal number of learning disabled students, gifted students, underachievers and overachievers in each group. In addition the random sampling will help insure a statistically close to equal sampling of males and females in each group. Assumptions will also be made that the students will put forth their best Mary Parker Follett, Management Pioneer and Theorist in the class work and instruction so that the semester test results will be a true reflection of what they have learned in the American History course that semester. This methodology section is designed to produce the most pure results with regard to the research question. Care has been taken to explore the different elements of the research topic and produce the best possible method by which to test that question. Dobrosielski-Vergona, Kathleen a.; Gallagher, Judith E.; Williams, Theresa M.; Wingard, obin G. More (2005) Web-based…… [Read More] Dobrosielski-Vergona, Kathleen a.; Gallagher, Judith E.; Williams, Theresa M.; Wingard, Robin Call for Papers: Berkeley Comparative Equality and Anti. More (2005) Web-based vs. traditional classroom instruction in gerontology: a pilot study. Journal of Dental Hygiene. Beard, Lawrence a.; Harper, Cynthia (2002) Student perceptions of online vs. On campus instruction.(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included) Education Journal. Piotrowski, C. & Vodanovich, S.J. (2000). Are the reported barriers to Internet-based instruction warranted?: A synthesis of recent research, Education, 121, 48-53. Rossman, P. (1992). The emerging worldwide electronic university: Information age global higher education. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Simulation #1 -- Degenerative Arthritis and Macular Degeneration. In this simulation, I placed Band-aids around the middle joints of my fingers and I wore an athletic wrist support on one hand that severely limited my wrist motion. The Band-aids were tight enough to make it almost impossible to bend my fingers except with considerable discomfort. I also placed a smudge of Vaseline in the center of the lenses of clear protective construction goggles to simulate the loss of center vision associated with age-related macular degeneration. The purpose of this set up was to simulate the types of arthritic symptoms in my hands and wrist that elderly people deal with routinely. The plan was to go about my day at home and encounter some of the problems associated with aging. Immediately, I encountered difficulty doing my normal morning chores. Brushing my teeth took much longer, made a mess of…… [Read More] Empyema Clinical Manifestation. Empyema: Lung Sounds and other Clinical Manifestations. Over the past decade, empyema has consistently been recognized as an acute, potentially life-threatening respiratory disease. A large number of studies have been conducted over the last years Interfaith Marriage: Pros and Cons - Sites at Penn State address the unique symptomatology of empyema and the clinical implications of these symptoms. The biggest diagnostic challenge of empyema is that patient often present with symptoms very similar and difficult to distinguish from an uncomplicated pneumonia. A patient typically shows symptoms such as fever and chills, excessive sweating, malaise, cough, dyspnea, DEATH PENALTY.pdf | Capital Punishment | Human Rights chest pain and unintentional weight loss (Sahn, 2007). These symptoms individually do not warrant a diagnosis of empyema. They do, however, require precautionary follow-up testing that should include a pleural fluid aspiration. The presence of pus -- an opaque, whitish-yellow viscous fluid consisting of serum coagulation proteins, cellular debris and fibrin deposition -- aspirated from the pleural space is…… [Read More] 1. Walker W, Wheeler R, Legg J. (2011). Update on the causes, investigation and management of empyema in childhood. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 96, 5, 482-488. 2. Sahn SA. (2007). Diagnosis and management of parapneumonic effusions and empyema. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 45, 11, 1480-1486. 3. Heffner JE, Klein JS, Hampson C. (2010). Diagnostic utility and clinical application of imaging for pleural space infections. Chest, 137, 2, 467-479. 4. Froudarakis ME. (2008). Diagnostic Work-Up of Pleural Effusions. Respiration, 75, 4-13. Dental Health Program for Low-Income Children. Oral Health Promotion. A child's socioeconomic status and gender are significant predictors of susceptibility to life-long dental disease (Broadbent, Thomson, Boyens, and Poulton, 2011). Male children and children from low-income households are less likely to brush daily, floss, or visit the dentist as adults, despite suffering from more prevalent and severe dental disease (p.

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