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Myriad of moods essays A mood is defined as a temporary state Mother Tongue by Amy Tan - Summary - Scribd mind or feeling. Moods influence how individuals think, feel, and act, particularly with other people. Since everybody is unique and different, nobody possesses the exact same feelings. However, people share common feelings that run within the human genome and have been handed down throughout the generations. The majority of people experience various moods according to which day of the week it is. Friday and Saturday bring feelings of elation and delight. The weekend lends a feeling of relief because it acts as a break from work and other stressful activities. After five hectic days of work or school, two days off feels wonderful. It serves as a time to leave behind all of the stress and pressure experienced during the week. Additionally, the weekend brings elation because it provides free time. During the weekend, one can do as much or as little as they please. More than 2,300 years ago, Aristotle wrote that happiness could be achieved through a complete, active life. Some people feel content when they are busy at all times. They live for a complete and vigorous lifestyle. In contrast, others utilize the weekend for relaxation. Happiness is reached by taking a bubble bath or a long nap. In short, Friday A Friend Indeed! Free A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Saturday bring happiness to individuals because they serve as days set aside to do whatever suits their fancy. Secondly, Sunday correlates with an anxious and uneasy mood. The fun and freedom of the weekend comes to an abrupt end on Sunday. It is often difficult to enjoy activities on Sunday because of the impending Monday. For many people, Sunday serves as a lazy day to catch up on sleep and recover from the weekend. Businesses close early on Sunday, which limits options. Furthermore, Sunday nights cause uneasiness due to the perturbing thought of awakening the next morning. Ill feelings About Siemens - Company - USA by merely thinking about getting out of bed on Monday morning. Anxio.

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