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Write a critical pay for writing papers Tutorial enhancing companies of the dylan thomas poem, fern hil essays Dylan Thomas’ ‘Fern Hill is a PLACEMENT TESTING INFORMATION BULLETIN - oirap.rutgers wrote from a man of ‘experience’ about a childhood of ‘innocence.’ This poem is essentially a recollection of youth and the desire to be young once more, whilst the author speaks of happiness in youth he is in turn struggling to come to terms with old age and ultimately death. In this poem Dylan Thomas manages to create an idyllic picture of his aunt's farm whilst he was a child, by using a possible candid language and quite simple descriptions. This is a poem essentially about childhood and although this is a reversion of author man back to child his use of specific words and expressions gives us the world viewed from a child's perspective. The essence of this child's view of the world is 'happiness’ and a lot of expressions used seem to represent this, houses are not normally said to "lilt" Department of Humanities | Villanova University is grass seen to be "happy" but again this could be viewed as a representation of the child's want for happiness in what he sees. I feel that the poem has by large a trochaic pattern and in the first stanza this pattern begins with the capitalised and therefore stressed, 'NOW'. The poem is set out in the form of six, nine lined, regular stanzas. At first you are initially fooled into thinking this poem does not have any specific rhyming scheme at all. Department of Humanities | Villanova University closer analysis, however, you can see that this poem does in fact have a rhyming scheme within repetition and that it is an assonance rhyming scheme (abcddabcd). As this poem has no apparent rhyming scheme it allows the reader to let each line flow more naturally as you are not looking for a rhyming word, this is perhaps as Thomas intended, therefore perhaps enabling a better viewpoint from the child. Fern Hill appears to have a religious overtone by certain use of colours, expressions and symbols. The colour ‘blue’ is sometimes associated with spirituality and god, whilst the colour ‘white’ refers to innocence and purity. T.

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