The Principles of Relationship Building with Children

Friday, July 27, 2018 12:56:49 AM

A childhood hell essays I chose to do an interview on a man named Shaun because of the childhood he had to face. When asked how his Good homework excuses you missed schools - 360 Bhutan was growing up he responded, “ Like Term Paper and Book Report living hell.” He was adopted as an infant and his adoptive dad was a drunk who beat him up and put him down verbally. In my interview on Shaun, I learned a lot about a hard growing up. As stated above, Shaun was an adopted child. I figured this must be hard on him, so I asked him about it. He told me it was very hard on him being adopted because he felt his biological parents did not want him and neither did his adoptive dad. Shaun stated, “When you have three parents that do not want you is hurts.” His adoptive mother, on the other hand, was a very sweet lady. She took care of his every need. She gave him hugs and kisses and read to him at bedtime. Shaun also has an adopted sister, Megan, in which he has always been very close to. He told me how they used to stay up late at night and talk about their father. Even though their father never laid a hand on Megan, she could not stand him as much as Shaun couldn’t. They sometimes wished they had never been adopted, and wondered what their biological parents were like. They dreamed of a life together with a different set of parents even though they both had separate Islams Early Interactions with Judaism and Christianity parents. Shaun’s dad, Jim, was an alcoholic, who drank every waking moment. In return, he treated his family badly, especially Shaun. Shaun would come home from school or hanging out with friends and Jim would begin going off on him and continue to hit him. He had no idea why his father was doing this except for the fact he was drunk. “He was always drunk.” Shaun said. Jim would occasionally put Shaun’s mom down or slap her but it was nothing like he treated Shaun. Megan never got it like Shaun did either. She would sometimes be told to go to her room by a hateful voice, but that was only because Shaun was getting beat up and Jim.

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