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Franklin book report essays Amanda Culver HIST 328 Book Review 1 Benjamin Franklin lived Buy written essays - Your Homework Help. - elrecreativo highly productive life as a printer (as well as becoming an honored statesman) and he practiced living modestly, honestly and diligently. In Doctor of Management - Accredited Online College | UMUC autobiography, written as a letter to his son, Essay on deforestation - Academic Papers Writing Help You describes how he lived his life with a strong work ethic and moral character. Benjamin Franklin's autobiography illustrates some of the ideal aspects of the national character that we think of when asked to explain what the character of America is. Franklin wrote his autobiography as a letter to his son to describe his life and how he went from a wick-dipper to a respected member of early American society. He began with a somewhat detailed account of his family from three hundred years prior to writing the autobiography. He explained the traditions of fathers breeding their sons into different trades. He was bred into wick-dipping, but did not like this, so he decided to break away from tradition to follow what he found more to his interests. He was his brother's apprentice in a print shop in Boston, which led to his future in Philadelphia. This demonstrates the American ideals of opportunity and pursuing ones desires for more fulfilling careers. Franklin worked very diligently throughout his life, mostly because he was raised to have a strong work ethic. His ethic for using most of his day for working on not only the day's tasks, but how he could do something good. This shows that with determination, an impact can be made on society. This is also an aspect of the American character that we like to believe in when we think about our positive attributes. Not only did Franklin live diligently with drinking and driving offenses - WriteWork strong work ethic, he believed in living very modestly. Franklin's dietary habits, in particular, were very modest. He ate only what he needed Essay on deforestation - Academic Papers Writing Help You each meal and drank only water. He believed that excess in food made one's body slow and drinking alcoh.

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