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Sunday, August 12, 2018 10:29:10 AM

A pirating war essays Would you rather pay twenty to twenty-five dollars for one DVD or less than forty bucks for a computer program which copies any DVD and stores it onto your computer? If you were a smart shopper it comes to you as common sense. There are such programs on the market that you can buy, but there are a few problems. There are certain little things called “copyright laws.” This is how certain companies such as MGM and other such companies are winning lawsuits against people that distribute these programs and also hackers that break through the encryptions on the DVDs. The current legal DVD battle between the movie industry and the free/open software communities over DVD is a microcosm of an ongoing intellectual property war. This war pits intellectual property owners against such diverse groups as programmers opposing restrictions on reverse engineering and the publication of computer code and librarians opposing new restrictions on copyright rights of first sale and fair use. Jon Johansen may be the youngest victim of this war. Because of software posted on Activities & Characters 16-year-old's Web site, his home in Norway was raided in January by police who seized two computers and a cell phone. Both Jon and his father were indicted; criminal charges could result in two- to three-year prison sentences. Now ever since there has been DVDs, there has been hackers trying to break the encryptions on these Executive Search Firm | Phoenix | Dallas | Houston. Encryptions are a certain series of codes that makes it hard to copy a DVD. MGM and other such companies have brought these hackers to court and accused them of breaking the copyrights of these DVDs. Lets just say that it was “Hollywood” against these certain big named hackers. Of course “Hollywood” won and is still winning, dew to the copyright laws of the movies. But this does not mean that they can stop all the low profile hackers that break these laws everyday by copying DVDs and then selling them. Now these concerns about the anti-p.

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