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Hookers essays It was around two o’clock when she reached her sister’s home. The heat was nearly unbearable and the crusted earth crunched under Beth’s feet. She was met at the door by a gasp of surprise and a welcoming embrace. The two sisters radiated with excitement in seeing each other and eventually made they’re way to the back porch over looking a rocky canyon. “It has been so long since we have talked,” exclaimed Ann. “How were your travels with Richard?” “So much has happened since then it’s hard to know where to begin,” Beth said. “You look as though you want to cry Beth. Is there something wrong?” A single tear dropped silently onto Beth’s blue jeans. She had meant to hold out longer before confessing her terrible secret to Ann. Could she understand or accept the decision she had made and be able to forgive her. She had come to her sister for support and hoped Ann could sympathize with her feelings. Beth felt the only way to approach this was to be right up front about it. “I was pregnant while traveling with Richard in India,” she began slowly. “He felt the pregnancy would get in the way of our relationship and the way things were going between us. I didn’t feel do homework | ConnFab about aborting the pregnancy but I didn’t want to loose Richard either. Two weeks after the operation I find out Richard had been sleeping with other women and I decide to confront him about it. He denied the whole thing and stormed out of the hotel room that night. The next morning I woke to find Richard had not returned and his luggage was missing. The desk manager told me he left early that morning with an Italian woman. Ann, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Ann sat looking astonished Creating Your Intention Statement | Michael S. Seaver her morose sister across the room with hands clasped not knowing Symbolic Essay - The Diary of Anne Frank | Free Content Web to say. .

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