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Hamlet plot summery essays A ghostly figure in the shape of the Get Exercise Every Day dead king has shown up on the castle walls at night. It seems to want to speak. The guards and Hamlet's friend, Horatio, decide to tell Hamlet. The new king, Claudius, announces his marriage to his brother's wife, Hamlet's mother, Gertrude. Hamlet himself TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP - THE KEY TO very concerned by what he views as his mother's betrayal of his father and does not look cheerful. He is very excited to hear of the ghost and plans to meet with it that night. Laertes says Paper Publishing to his sister, Ophelia, and his father, Polonius, who is a royal counsellor. Both men warn Ophelia against the special treatment of Hamlet. Meanwhile, on the walls, the ghost tells Hamlet that he is his father's ghost, that he was killed by Claudius and Play for English (Much Ado About Nothing) Essay - 341 Words he wants Hamlet to take revenge. Excited, Hamlet swears to do the ghost's wishes. A few weeks later, Polonius is arranging to spy on his son when his daughter tells him that Hamlet has come into her chamber, apparently gone nuts. The King arranges to have Hamlet's fellow students, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, spy upon him. Polonius is eager to prove that Hamlet has become mad as a result of unrequited love and tries to get the Prince into a conversation. Hamlet manages to avoid telling the truth to either party. He argues with an actor to recite a sad speech and then regrets his own lack of carelessness. Polonius arranges for his daughter, Ophelia, to see Hamlet when the King and himself are watching. The prince comes in, sad about the pains of life and the afterlife, and then launches an attack upon his last lover. Then Hamlet arranges for the players to give a play which shows the events of his father's death in order to hurt the King's conscience and so provide proof of his guilt. The plan works and Hamlet vows bloody murder. The play has reminded Claudius of the depth of his sinfulness and he attempts to pray for the strength to seek forgiveness. Hamlet enters but decides he can.

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