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Research on muslims essays Research on the Muslim religion Of all of the different religions in the world, three are closely tired with each other. These three religions are: the Muslim religion, the Christian religion, and the Jewish religion. They are often called the “Abrahamic religions” because all three claim their origins in Abraham, as well as basic Popular African Culture Books - Goodreads concepts. All of them believe that the world was created by God and after that God created human beings. While each religion has a different name for its God, they all believe that there is only one God, and that one God is the source of meaning and all beings. Despite the fact that these different religions share some the same beliefs, they have really different creeds, codes, and ceremonies. In this paper I will be researching the Muslim Daily Download: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Oboe Concerto: I, and giving a more in depth look at its history, creeds, and codes. The Islamic religion much like the Christian and Jewish religions has a single founder, and for the Muslim the founder is Muhammad. Muhammad plays an important role in the history and building of the Muslim religion. Muhammad is the being through whom Allah spoke to, that built the religion we 5 Reasons Why All School Food Should Be Healthy - One today, which has about a fifth of the world’s population actively involved. In the Qur’an (the Holy book of the Islamic faith) it states that it is he (Muhammad) through whom Islam reached its definitive from. Although Muslims know and believe that he is only a messenger, they still hold him in high regard; they never speak his name without adding, “blessing and peace be upon him”. Like Jesus, Muhammad went around different cities teaching, converting followers for the religion. This made Meccan leaders upset because it threatens their authority, so Muhammad and his followers became objects of persecution. This forced the prophet and his followers to flee to Medina, which is called the Hijra. While in Medina Muhammad’s position as prophet became more intense as .

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