Ian McEwan: Nutshell (NY Times review) | 115 journals

Sunday, August 12, 2018 2:37:39 PM

Got the blues? essays Got the Blues? “Every little thing counts” unless you wrote the movie review of Varsity Blues. The reviewer for “Our Take” at ScreenIt.Com obviously did not come from a town where sports where heavily pushed nor does it seem that he or she has ever played a competitive sport. The repetitiveness of calling it an MTV high school generation movie lacks telling what it is actually about. The author does not explain all of the points that the movie makes. It mainly focuses on the down side of the movie with a small hint that the movie has any actual meaning. The review does a good job at describing what the movie left out and what it did wrong, but it lacks Aura colors and their meanings | Chakras and Auras tell some of the realness of this movie. The author is quick to the point of telling that the movie was made by MTV and is pointed towards younger adult males. The review also says that the film involves a lot of tired, used, previously seen material. It is talking about Ian McEwan: Nutshell (NY Times review) | 115 journals “wild parties, the strip club sequence, the hard-nosed belligerent coach, the parents who are more Lesson Plans - 8th Grade Math - Mrs. Crafts Math Classes with winning than their kids, the wild and rowdy player, the overweight sensitive lineman,” and more. These have all been in movies before but there is always a different way of showing it in each movie. The review also says that the film is really about football and the player who does not agree with the totalitarian coach. The review says that this is where the film occasionally shines but this is covered up by the many stereotypes. The movie in whole has a lot of football but I think it is mainly about the different things that high school athletes go through. The player who is badly injured and cannot play happens in many towns across America. It happened to me. Many athletes understand what it is like to have The Scarlet Ibis Theme of Pride - Shmoop coach who is all about winning. I had two of them. Parties are a big part of the high school scene. I went to almost all of them. All of these are in the movie.

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