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Monday, August 13, 2018 4:55:25 AM

Airlines essays Armed and dangerous The debate over arming airline pilots is not new. In fact it as been around ever since the first commercial airline took flight. Although the issue did not become widely debated until after the events of 9/11, in which terrorist took control over multiple planes and flew them into an array of United States’ targets. Since these terrorist acts many pilots and pilot organizations have begun a push towards having guns in the cockpits. The United States’ House of Representatives is debating a bill establishing a two-year test program that would let as many as 1,400 commercial airline pilots, which is about 2 percent of the current pilots’ workforce, to carry firearms in the cockpit. If the bill is approved, the test period will begin only after 250 pilots have been deputized as federal flight deck officers Anorexia nervosa psychology essay - Anorexia nervosa Free to How to: Choose the Correct Wakeboard Size - Captain Dingleys firearms. The pilots must undergo training and demonstrate proficiency with firearms comparable to How to: Choose the Correct Wakeboard Size - Captain Dingleys required What is an explanation of Francis Bacons Of Studies the federal air marshals. Pilots who are former military or law enforcement officers would get first priority. The bill would eliminate liability for airlines and pilots who act in good faith. Flight attendants would also receive separate self-defense training. (NPDW) Many arguments have arisen concerning the issue of guns in the cockpit. A main topic of discussion is UNIVERSITY OF KENT there would be an increased danger with the addition of guns in the cockpit. More often then not, guns are used against those who pull them out in the first place. A bullet can easily go through a window of a cockpit, de-pressurizing the cabin of the plane and killing everyone onboard. The possibility for an accident of such to arise would increases exponentially with the introduction of guns in the cockpits. Some also argue that we should not arm pilots we should leave that to the professionals, the air marshals; instead we should work on the strengthening of the cockpit doors. The problem with this thou.

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