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Fate essay essays Should witches really represent fate? The story of Macbeth informs its readers that they shouldn’t. Macbeth made his own decisions, the witches were just a pawn. Fate is nothing but a person listening to others around them and then making a decision by that. Macbeth showed this at two different points when he met with the witches and again with Lady Macbeth trying to convince him to kill Duncan. Near the beginning of the story Macbeth runs into three witches Criminal Justice Program Major - Defiance College give him prophecies. Macbeth loved and respected his King. The witches told him that he was going to be King and all of the sudden he gets murderous thoughts thinking the witches might be right. “Present fears are less then horrible imaginings,” states Macbeth. This quote shows that he is afraid the witches may be right. All that this is showing is that Macbeth has been submitted to pressure and is listening to it. Also, Macbeth wouldn’t have even been Thane of Cowdor, causing the prophecy to become true, without his King and others deciding it before hand. This shows other people have more influence than fate. Lady Macbeth showed A-level Geography Question Paper Unit 03 - ermysteds people influence others more then fate when she convinced Macbeth that killing Duncan was okay. She was taken over by greed and wanting anything that needed to take place for Macbeth to become King to happen. Fast food causing obesity research paper. homework help Macbeth never would have thought about Macbeth becoming King or killing Duncan had Macbeth not sent her the letter. Again, showing it isn’t fate that guides us, but our own 9780073383941 | McGraw-Hill Reader: Issues | Knetbooks. Lady Macbeth also shows this by making Macbeth feel bad about himself when he doesn’t want to kill Duncan. “Which thou esteem’st the ornament of life, and live a coward in thine own esteem,” she says, calling Macbeth a Fritz Hansen - Login. He then follows through because she convinced him and he decided to, not fate. The witches again show the power of pressure when they later show Macbeth 9780073383941 | McGraw-Hill Reader: Issues | Knetbooks number of apparitions about his future. .

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