Writing Narrative Essays 6Th Grade - constructionclique

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 8:56:47 PM

Theories in Poetry Critical Appreciation GODs GRANDEUR, GM - YouTube essays Structuralism - 1879, Wilhelm Wundt, Germany - based on advancements in chemistry and philosophy - introspection: process by which people closely examine their own thoughts Functionalism - William James, U.S. - Method of introspection was too restrictive, therefore the good was observations of actual behavior, including animal behavior - Concerned with Writing Narrative Essays 6Th Grade - constructionclique behavior and mental abilities help people adapt to their environments Psychodynamic - behavior influenced by feelings Writing Narrative Essays 6Th Grade - constructionclique wishes buried deep inside - people often unaware of them, therefore these thoughts often contradict those in which we are aware - producing severe inner conflicts - process of bringing unconscious feelings to the surface - Freud used hypnotism and free association - Ex someone who fears water might be asked to free associate with the word ‘water’ (first word that comes to mind-drown) Behaviorism - 1900’s Watson argued against introspection as a way of studying behavior - observable behavior should be the only focus of the study - surroundings determine personalities - no such thing as free will, we are not responsible for or actions - ex. Criminal doesn’t choose life of crime but rather depends on how person was sharp - B.F. Skinner most famous-he expanded on Watson’s Theories - Albert Bandura-behavior is most influenced by observation and imitation Gestalt - Can Men and Women Be Just Friends? – tifari – Medium the same time as behaviorism, this arose in Germany - behaviorists focus on learning and observed behavior - study how five senses help us extract information from the environment - overall shaping of things is determined by how people perceive/interpret series of separate sensations - whole is more important than individual parts Cognitive Psychology - behaviorists oversimplified process of learning - focus on how people perceive, store and interpret information - interested in the way we use our knowledge to fill in the gaps in order to crea.

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